Latzfons is a quaint alpine village situated on the sunny side of the lower "Eisack-valley"

Latzfons - the village on the sunny side

Within a 15 minutes drive from Klausen, you can enjoy its cozy atmosphere and take advantage of the many possibilities for leisure activity. Its charming little center and the surrounding woods, fragrant alpine pastures and panoramic peaks make a great destination for daily trips or holidays in summer as in winter.

The village

For your daily shopping you will find in the village center - 200 meters from the Thalhofer Hof - everything you need: bakery, supermarket and a butchery.
There is also a restaurant near our farm, where you may go to eat lunch and dinner.

In Summer: Hiking and Mountain Biking

Devoted hikers, nature enthusiasts and zealous mountain-bikers will discover that Latzfons is a great spot for rest and recreation, for sport and adventure. Hikers have numerous possibilities to go on trips that stretch over the area of the beautiful Sarentine Alps, far off the hustle and bustle of the town and the crowded tourist destination of the Dolomites area. The starting points for trips from Latzfons into the Sarentine Alps are the parking lots of Kaseregg, Kühhof and Steineben - all of which are free of charge. The most famous destination for hikers is the Latzfonser Kreuz (engl. “Cross of Latzfons”), also known as one of the highest pilgrimage destination in Europe (2296 m). Trips vary in length and level of difficulty but the hiking and mountain-biking trails are well-kept and all give a spectacular view of the Dolomites. The routes are also connected, so that more individual, longer routes that stretch over days can be chosen. In fact, a network of trails connects lodges like the Klausner Hütte, the Latzfonser Kreuz, the Stöfflhütte and the Jochalm, most of which are with board and lodging. In autumn, when nature begins its spectacular show of colors, these trips invite you to “get lost” in the scenery. Autumn is also the time for the typical “Törggele” evenings, traditional meals that local restaurants and farms offer with plenty of homegrown wine and food.

In winter - tobogganing, snowshoe hiking and ski tours

Although Latzfons does not have a ski resort, it is a great alternative to leisure activity on crammed ski slopes and attracts a lot of people to enjoy the well-kept toboggan run, or the solitude and silence of a day of snow-hiking and backcountry skiing in the snow-covered Sarentine Alps. There is a professional run for luge athletes that train in Latzfons as well as a less demanding family toboggan run. Both runs begin and end at the parking lot “Steineben”, where a cup of hot chocolate or delicious coffee will warm you up again.

Sights and Places of Interest

At the centre of the village you find the local Church of St. Jacob, which was renovated and extended in 1999 by combining the remains of the old nave with a new hall-like building. The neat little Church of St. Peter in the Woods is apparently even older and lies a pleasant walk from the village. The “Latzfonser Kreuz” Church lies at a height of 2296 m, and its glowing red roof can be seen from the village on clear days. It houses an artful crucifix (“Black Jesus Christ”) that protects hikers from the moods of the weather.

Village life - genuine and rich in tradition

Latzfons is very rich in tradition and the quiet village livens up on many occasions and celebrations throughout the year.

The so called "Herz-Jesu-Feuer"


Every year on the 2nd Sunday in June in South Tyrol the traditional "Herz Jesu Feuer" is lit. Soon after dusk on "Herz Jesu" Sunday many mountains in South Tyrol sparkle with the fires in impressive forms of hearts and crosses.