A hundred of hungry muzzles want to be fed every day; there is a lot to do.

Our farm is specialized in milk production and it is the home of about one dozen milk cows and young cattle. Around the house there are about 5 hectare of beautiful grassland. While you are milking, mucking out or feeding the cows and calves, you experience the daily life on a traditional farm. For the kids there is a mini zoo with goat “Lisl”, sheep “Kiki”, guinea pigs and a lot of bunnies.

A gaggle of clacking chickens is responsible for your breakfast eggs. Did you actually know, that our chickens lay their eggs in a tree trunk? The lazy cats just take a sunbath and try to annoy our farm dog “Nico”.

In the stable

Our farm is a dairy farm. In the stable are around 10 milking cows, which are the breeds “Braunvieh”, and “Jersey” plus young cattle calves. At the end of May the young cattle head up to the Alpine meadow and don´t return until thanksgiving. The cows get milked twice a day.

During the milking time you are welcome to accompany us and if you want you can even join in, when we do our daily routines.

The milk gets chilled and carried by tractor to a collecting point. At 7.30am the milk truck delivers the milk to the dairy “BRIMI” in Brixen. That’s where they produce the popular mozzarella, ricotta, butter and other delicious products.

The cat drinking milk

Hay harvest

If you want to experience the hay harvest, you are free to join us on the fields. Our grassland gets cut three times a year; in early June, in mid-July and in early September.

Farm guide

On the day of your arrival - or one of the following days- you will be taken on a guiding tour through the farm and you will be shown you how a mountain farm is set up. We will also visit the playground and the lounge and our animals.