The outdoor area

There is plenty of space for you and your children around the house. There is always something going on on the playground, while the adults sit in the gazebo or relax on the lawn.

The lounge

The lounge is located on the ground floor, right next to the playground. It is accessible at any time to all guests. There you can play games, have your "barbecue" or just spend a nice evening with a good glass of wine. In the guest room you will find:

  • The guest Library
  • Various board games
  • A lot of useful information and hiking maps
  • Glasses, plates and cutlery for grilling
  • A stereo system

Barbecue and lawn

Our barbecue area is right in front of the lounge, where you can enjoy the last sunrays, in our cozy gazebo, on warm summer evenings. The lawn and the playground are directly next to it.